Hit the Proverbial Jackpot

We hit the proverbial jackpot when I found Terry as our realtor. I don’t think any other realtor would not have been able to have the patience and work ethic to get the job done with what our situation threw at her.

We had looked at dozen of properties and we finally fell in love with exactly what we were looking for, for our growing family; a bank owned fixer in a wonderful area of Camarillo on a cul-de-sac! The deal came with plenty of headaches that brought not only anxiety to the situation but challenges that would make anyone want to run away screaming and tearing their hair out. Terry took on those challenges and saw the deal through, while keeping what was best for her clients (us) in mind the entire time.

She wore many different hats well: one minute she was a general Contractor, managing the roof that she negotiated in the deal for us (which everyone said the bank would not pay for), the next she was working endlessly with the broker and escrow personnel side by side to make sure all of our ducks were in order. She even met me at the bank to offer a hand on juggling a newborn and toddler.

We walked away from this whole ordeal with not only having a great experience, but also gaining a genuine friend.

We loved her so much that we threw another challenging real estate deal her way of selling a very hard piece of family property that had been on the market for three years! She sold it in less than nine months! She impressed us both amazingly with her good and positive attitude and most of all her work ethic.

She is a big part of our lives because she sold us our dream of making a house a home.

Arin Flynn