Cannot Express How Thankful

We just cannot express the words to you on how thankful we are to you and all of your hard work you did for us with the purchase of this house… our home; a place where many years of memory making will take place. You just don’t sell real estate; you sell happiness. This is a place that we will turn into a home where our girls will run down the stairs Christmas morning filled with excitement. A place the girls will learn how to ride their bikes and learn the theory of gravity as the crash and burn at the end of the cul-de-sac. A place where we will have many meals with fiends and family.

ThisĀ  is a home that we will put our special touches to… ok, completely gut and remodel. However, you can be rest assured that this home will be loved greatly and treated like it should have always been treated.

We have friends that are green with envy on our buying experience. Many had told us that we had the best realtor that they have ever heard of. We were not just lucky on finding you on the Internet, we were blessed. We got the best of both worlds a wonderful realtor that looked out for us, put up with a pregnant woman that was passing kidney stones on a few showings, and all the headaches that came with the REO; namely the roof! You are a great babysitter!

We are so thankful to you and are so happy that we not only found a rock star realtor, but a friend in you and Marcel. We cannot say enough! You are very special to us and you are the reason we have this memory making home.

Scott, Arin, Holly, Heidi, and Sadie Dog