Terry Ayers is a Fantastic Real Estate Agent

Terry Ayers is a fantastic real estate agent. She helped us buy our home; a process that, contrary to our expectations, took over a year. Terry was always available to help, often showing us houses the day we called about them or the day after. She returns phone calls quickly, and when showing houses gives you space to talk about what you like and don’t. Terry Ayers is very professional: she never pressures you to make or not make an offer, or to increase the price range you are looking at. Hard sell tactics are not the way she operates.

Terry helped us make many offers on several different houses and was always helpful. She answered all our questions and helped keep us positive when we were disappointed. Throughout the lengthy and confusing process of closing on a short sale and dealing with all the difficulties that cropped up Terry was really helpful, always on our side and pushing for answers and to get things done we were very happy with Terry’s services and assistance. I can’t recommend her more. Terry is a professional, competent, real estate agent who is available to help you with whatever you need.